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Why Google Glass Failed

An initial analysis

Google Glass came out as a wearable glasses with inbuilt screen and camera. The screen gave information about where you were, such as nearest restaurant, and the camera allowed you to video record whatever you were seeing and hearing at the time.

It sounded a brilliant idea, and the fashion industry loved it. Google gave it a big, expensive launch in 2012, with sky-divers, etc. Yet it flopped. Why? The BBC Radio 4 programme Toast discussed some reasons on 6 April 2023 (the audio recording).

Our conclusion is that Google Glass failed because, though it was excellent in two aspects, the lingual and aesthetic, it failed in two others, the social and the economic - reflecting the need to operate well in all aspects for genuine success. Everything we do is multi-aspectual functioning. And, as someone said on the programme, "The social trumps the informational" - reflecting the sequence of aspects, in which the lingual precedes the social and it is the social that gives it its full meaningfulness.

In More Detail

In the programme, one business expert was asked what she thought was the main reason for its failure: bad timing, bad product, bad research, bad press (critics) and 'act of God'. The interviewer chose bad product, but she pointed out that that is the attitude of the non-entrepreneur; entrepreneurs look for possibilities beyond what we already have. Without hesitation she chose bad research. Google had ignored some important aspects, and had not properly researched these aspects, being blinded by the love for it by their nerds. One was the social aspect, the other was the economic (but not that of pricing etc.). See below.

the following points were made about its strengths:

And about its weaknesses:

And some other aspectual failures that contributed to the above:

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