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The gatekeeper of The Dooyeweerd Pages is Prof. Andrew Basden, currently at the

Salford Business School,
University of Salford, M5 4WT, U.K.

Telephone = (0 / +44) 1928-733930.

To send comments, queries, suggestions, please email me on the following email (which is written in script with extra colours, so it is not computer-readable):

email in script

which (in case you cannot read it easily) consists of the first four letters of Dooyeweerd's name in lower-case, followed by 'at' and then 'kgsvr' then dot, then 'net' with no spaces.

Thank you.

Andrew Basden,

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Created: 7 February 2001. Last updated: 14 August 2004 changed email. 19 March 2008 SBS. 16 December 2008 gfx for email. 7 February 2011 rid gfx; added form, and backlinks. 17 February 2011 it did not send because not demon, so placed demon url before it. 17 February 2011 tried adding demon http, and also picture of email. 21 April 2012 removed comment boxes and had link to a 'dooy-comment' page. 22 January 2016 reinstated direct comment box because have moved to, and made a few other mods. 19 February 2017 request dashes.