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To understand Dooyeweerd's aspects properly, we need to grasp their kernel meanings with our intuition. This table is meant to help us do this.

It gives not only what the aspects and their kernels are, but also a 'Rather than' column, which is designed to clarify the kernel meaning by showing what it is not. In many of the aspects normal Westerners would often expect other kernel meanings, and thus arrive at a misunderstanding. Possibly a major one is economics, being seen in terms of finance rather than as frugality. In some cases the 'Rather than' contains a major misunderstanding like that, but in most cases the 'Rather than' is a subset or subtopic of the kernel. For the details of each aspect, click on the aspect name.

Quantitative Amount Number
Spatial Continuous extension Occupying space
x,y coordinates
Kinematic Movement eg speed
Physical Energy/Mass
Biotic Life functions
Sensitive Feeling Psychology
Analytical Distinction Reasoning processes
Predicate logic
Cultural Formative Power
Time, 'culture'
Lingual Symbolic meaning
Social Social interaction Groupings, classes
Economic Frugal use of resources Finance
Aesthetic Harmony Beauty, creativity
Juridical What is due e.g. Prevention
act of judging
Ethical Self-giving love Keeping moral rules
Credal Vision, commitment Creeds, ritual

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