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Dooyeweerd and Soft Systems Thinking

This is part of The Dooyeweerd Pages section that discusses how Dooyeweerd's ideas link with those of other thinkers. This sub-section is devoted to exploring links with Soft Systems Thinking (SST) or Soft Systems Methodology (SSM), as instituted and inspired by Peter Checkland, and his classic book Systems Thinking. Systems Practice.. It is a growing sub-section. So far we have the following pages:

This page is index to a collection of pages that compare the ideas of the late Herman Dooyeweerd with those of Peter Checkland's Soft Systems Thinking, as part of an attempt to link Dooyeweerd's thought to that of various other thinkers. It is part of The Dooyeweerd Pages, which explain, explore and discuss Dooyeweerd's interesting philosophy. Email questions or comments would be welcome.

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