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Critical Realism

==== page only started

Some years ago I put up a page about Bhaskar's Critical Realism, but have learned much since then. This page is about Critical Realism in general, examining what it is like and what are its strengths and weaknesses. It has just begun.

In brief

Critical Realism is good, useful, valuable, beautiful insofar as it

But Critical Realism

What Is Critical Realism?

What Does Critical Realism Believe?

Three types of reality:

A Dooyeweerdian View

CR belief Dooyeweerd affirms Dooyeweerd critiques Dooyeweerd enriches
Empirical Reality Human knowing CR presupposes theoretical attitude of knowing Allow pre-theoretical attitude. Diverse ways of knowing. Deeper transcendental critique of theoretical thought.
Actual Reality The entire temporal reality, existing and occurring 'in' time by virtue of response to aspectual law Tendency to focus on the reality of earlier aspects (physical to psychic) and reduce others to these, though there is an explicit attempt to acknowledge the social aspect.
Tendency to treat time as 'railway lines into the future' along which Actual Reality 'runs' (maybe with choice-points).
Many types of actual reality, one basic type per aspect
Time as generated by response to aspectual law; freedom within aspectual law.
'The Real' Reality Aspectual law CR conflates aspectual law with structures made possible by that law, e.g. biotic law conflated with biotic structures like DNA.
Tendency (though claims otherwise) to assume a distal observer.
Notion of aspectual law as that which enables all in diverse ways.
Observer always subject to same aspectual law as the observed.
Three ways of coming to know aspectual law: intuitive grasp of kernel meaning, informal awareness of distinct meanings, theoretical or scientific attempts at precise knowing.

Critiques of Critical Realism

Klein made a critique of CR. ==== summary of his critique here.

But I feel that Klein's critique is somewhat transcendent rather than immanent. It presupposes a freedom pole.

This page is part of a collection of pages that links to various thinkers, within The Dooyeweerd Pages, which explain, explore and discuss Dooyeweerd's interesting philosophy. Email questions or comments would be welcome.

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