Foundations of Information Systems Research and Practice

Andrew Basden, 2017

Cover of Foundations of Information Systems - Research and Practice

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The ideas in this book emerge from nearly five decades of experience of the author with ICT, across industry, the professions and academic life. Those who play computer games will love this book, because it takes them seriously. Information systems researchers will enjoy this book because it offers them new ideas and fresh perspectives.

ICT affects our lives and world more profoundly than ever before. How may we understand it? This book employs philosophy to lay foundations for understanding the complexity of ICT, in five areas:

  • the nature of information and computers, and artificial intelligence;

  • the use of ICT at work and home, for serious and less-serious use;

  • the ICT features that annoy or delight us;

  • societal issues, such as surveillance, e-government, ICT in developing countries, climate change, what technological progress is and what is the role of ICT as a whole and of the information systems field;

  • ICT development - including computer programming, knowledge engineering and project management.

On the 500th anniversary of the European Reformation, this book introduces and applies the Reformational Philosophy of mid-20th-century Dutch thinker, Herman Dooyeweerd, to contemporary challenges of the 21st century. Excitingly, this accessible philosophy is grounded in everyday experience and yields a rich seedbed of ideas, which researchers and practitioners can develop to their advantage.

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Andrew Basden is Professor Emeritus of Human Factors and Philosophy in Information Systems at the University of Salford, UK.

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