About The Dooyeweerd Pages as a Website


1. The Dooyeweerd Pages began in the late 1990s as a way to accumulate growing knowledge about Dooyeweerd's philosophy and especially his aspects. Contributions came from several people.

1a. It began with the then-standard hypertext style, and has retained this; a style that is found on Wikipedia today. This style encourages cross-reference, which is very appropriate to exploring Dooyeweerd's philosophy, because of the interconnected nature of the concepts within the philosophy, and the need to point to illustrations.

2. Each page is a mini-essay about a particular facet or part of Dooyeweerd's philosophy and how it is used.

3. The website has had several hosts. For around half a dozen years to 2014, it was hosted on a server at the University of Salford, and was deemed part of its academic content. However, this proved impossible to sustain, so it is currently hosted on its creator's web facility, kgsvr.net ('knowledge server on the net').

4. The domain name is: "www.dooy.info. This will be redirected always to the current host. It should always be used in preference to the host domain name.


Analysis of the Dooyeweerd Pages occurs by sifting the Apache access records of bot accesses, then sorting the remainder and accessing records for particular purposes. The aim of analysis is not simply to count hit rates, but to understand how The Dooyeweerd Pages is being used, what role it plays and so how its content might be improved to serve the scholarly community better. For the latter, analysis of multiple-access sequences is particularly important, because it shows how users move from one page to another.

The following analyses are available: