Comments of Appreciation of the Dooyeweerd Pages

I reproduce below some of the comments of appreciation I have received about the Dooyeweerd Pages. So you can see what kinds of uses people are making of them. I have left off all names.

"Im just writing this letter to tell you how much i appriciate your webpage about Dooyeweerd. Ive just finished a paper about 'MST' and your webpage was a great inspiration and source for my paper. Keep up the good work! [xxx, student at Lulea University of technology (Systems Science)]" 6 October 2004

"Congretulations with your web site, I think you've done a good piece of work. I'm currently writing an internal memo on the application of the aspects to (software) design. I checked with your site to see if my presentation isn't too far off Dooyeweerd's ideas."

"I have been trying to read Dooyeweerd's New Critique for two years. Every attempt has ended in frustration and confusion. I have found in your web page the key to understanding - or so it would seem. Thank you for giving me a rudimentary understanding, a structure for comprehension. I would like to write with questions if that is permissible."

"I have just visited your Dooyeweerd website for the first time. I rejoice to see this effort being made, and I would like to encourage you in its progress."

"You have done a real service for the reformational community through the work you have up on the site. Thanks! It really encourages me, since unlike where I studied in Toronto with Paul Marshall for the past few years, I have little contact with like-minded Kuyperian/Dooyeweerdians!"

"I read your pages on Dooyeweerd. That's a good work for reformational philosophy. It contains a elaborate introduction to the philosophy of Herman Dooyeweerd."

"Plus, I love these pages. I have recently been learning about reformational philosophy and theology within a group of friends from college. We have been exploring such books as Transforming Vision by Walsh and Middleton, and Creation Regained by Al Wolters. One member of the group has read about Dooyeweerd and studied him. We all read his papers on Dooyeweerd which he did as an independent study and are familiar with the basics of Dooy's philosophy. These web pages are great for getting a little more background on the subject. In our group we are basically trying to put together a framework from which we can better understand how to be obedient to God in all aspects of life. Please give me some more background information on how these pages got started and who puts them together."

The Copyright of this material must of course belong to the people who sent in the comments. If you wish to make copies then email me with reasons) and I will see if it is possible to contact the original authors.