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On The Human Selfhood, Ego, Heart

This page summarizes what Dooyeweerd said about the human ego, selfhood or heart, extracted from Volume IV, the Index, of Dooyeweerd's New Critique of Theoretical Thought (NC) under those three entried. I then themed them. For each one, I give the page and volume of where this is spoken about in NC. It contains Dooyeweerd's own ideas and View of Others.

Bold shows Dooyeweerd's ideas. Italics shows ideas of others that he is arguing against.

Click here for a more general discussion of the Human Being.

Dooyeweerd's Own Ideas

Ego as Concentration Point, Unity of Individual

Convergence and Coherence of Aspects

Ego Transcends Aspects

Ego as Functioning Subject

Ego as Involved, not Isolated

The Limit of Ego

Religious Root of Ego


Restlessness of Ego

Sundry Other Matters

(These are the remainder of pieces that do not seem to say anything about the Self as such.)

Views of Others

Dooyeweerd argued against the views of various others. These are collected together here, but, apart from two easily distinguished themes below, they are not separated out.

On the Thinking Ego:

On Ego as Elevated Ideal Selfhood


I just captured the following from an email from G.B., if anyone wishes to run with it:

And to all ThinkNetters, I highly recommend W.J. Ouweneel's article "Supratemporality In The Transcendental Anthropology Of Herman Dooyeweerd" in that same edition of Philosphia Reformata (58 #2 --1993). Ouweneel says in part:

"Those who reject the supratemporality of the heart "will sooner or later attempt to theoretically grasp the ego or soul in some kind of 'metaphysical concept,' which amounts to a mere substantialization of the later ['normative'] temporal functions... This complex of functions will then automatically call forth another abstract functional complex as its necessary counterpart...."

He notes that this article is based on chapters 5 & 6 of his work "De leer van de mens" (1986)... too bad this work is not available in English.

This is part of The Dooyeweerd Pages, which explain, explore and discuss Dooyeweerd's interesting philosophy. Questions or comments are very welcome.

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