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Berger & Luckmann's Social Construction of Reality

In this page I intend to discuss Berger & Luckmann's Social Construction of Reality, first published 196, but available Penguin 1991. They begin by discussing everyday life, and there are many overlaps with Dooyeweerdian thinking of the everyday, but also major differences. The popular belief that they promote the idea that all reality is socially constructed, is untrue, since they acknowledge reality beyond ourselves. The comparison of their ideas with those of Dooyeweerd might enrich both.

Until I write this, see a few pieces in the page on Schutz & Luckmann, which contains many similar ideas.


B&L p. 39-40. "the reality of everyday life retains its paramount status even as such 'leaps' take place. If nothing else, language makes sure of this. The common language available to me for the objectification of my experiences is grounded in everyday life." Dooyeweerd would say that
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