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Causality, strictly speaking, is a physical functioning, but there is something reminiscent of causality in most other aspects: i.e. when functioning results in repercussions. (These are aspectual analogies from the aspect to the Physical.) This page looks at the 'causality' that occurs in each aspect, sometimes in several ways.

Aspect 'Causality'
(Functioning leading to repercussion)
(to do with quantity, amount)
(to do with continuous extension, space)
(to do with flowing movement)
(to do with energy, fields, mass)
Physical causality. At macro level, seen as forces acting on objects to cause physical change, especially movement of somekind.
(to do with life functions)
1. Habitat 'causes' plant colony; plant colony 'causes' habitat, in the sense that the colony will grow and thrive in appropriate habitat, while often the existence of the plants generates the habitat. 1. Biotic causality is often two-way, in contrast to the one-way causality of the physical aspect.
(to do with sense, feeling, emotion)
Stimulus and response Studied by by Behavioral Psychology
(to do with distinguishing )
Premise leading to conclusion
(to do with shaping, achievement: technology, history)
Human deliberate action having effect "Historical causality" such as the causes of the First World War.
(to do with symbol-signification)
Expressing pieces of meaningfulness in symbols spreads intended meaning outside of the self. This also enhances social functioning.
(to do with relationships, roles)
Working together not only achieves more (multiplies formative functioning) but enhances community and friendship, which then stimulates working together. Depends foundationally on lingual functioning (c.f. Tower of Babel)
(to do with frugal use of resources)
Frugality enhances resources and prosperity; squandering and waste leads to poverty.
(to do with harmony, delight, fun, style)
(to do with due, appropriateness)
Unjust acts leading to oppression etc. Conversely, upholding justice leading to a healthy society. "Righteousness-justice exalts a nation." [Proverbs] Often spreading from one person's unjust act, to a whole community or country.
(to do with self-giving love)
Attitude spreads silently, unseen, whether self-centred and cynical, or generous and open. An important part of the mechanism of this spread is the social aspect (inter-aspect dependency).
(to do with vision, aspiration, commitment, belief)
Belief, commitment, expectation, aspiration leads to ??? Sometimes to do with the eschatological, but also the national, business, household and individual levels.

Indirect Inter-aspect Causality

There is no direct 'causality' between aspects, that is, for example, analytical functioning, such as reasoning, cannot 'cause' formative, lingual, social, pistic, nor sensitive of biotic functioning. How come, then, that a sound logical argument can often change behaviour or belief? The answer is that inter-aspect causality is indirect, via the responses of the functioning subject, who functions in all aspects. This occurs, but never deterministically as occurs in physical causality. Functioning in one aspect can affect that in others, but only via the response of the multi-aspectual subject. For example:

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